Pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging plays an informative role and protects the product. Thus we are very strict with quality standards and requirements at each production stage. ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 facilitate our efforts.


Braille embossing

We pre-proof and emboss Braille. Our Bobsts folder-gluers with Accu-Braille allow us to emboss braille on a glue line and not on the cutting and creasing presses. Application of such technology guarantees precision of embossing and minimizes the risk of error. Our technology allows us to emboss 24 signs in 4 lines at two carton panels in-line. Once the production is closed and Braille’s embossing is verified and checked we obtain Blind People’s Association Certificates (PZN) of conformity.

Our Portfolio

Our expertise and flexibility allows us to produce even the most nonstandard cardboard packaging and leaflets. See some of them.