What do we manufacture?

We produce cardboard packaging and leaflets. We advise on the selection of paper, cardboard, production and refining processes. Working for various industries – pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food – we have developed a comprehensive offer that is tailored to the requirements of our customers. We offer various products and solutions. Click icons below to get to know more about our packaging’s and leaflets.

Pharmaceutical leaflets


Print registration and precision is the main focus of our company. That’s why pharmaceutical companies rely on us. Each millimetre counts.

Cosmetics leaflets


You can find them in a carton of your favourite cosmetic. We manufacture leaflets of various sizes, colour and ways of folding.

Pharmaceutical packaging


State-of-art technology and professionals guarantee quality and safety of pharmaceutical secondary packaging.

Cosmetics packaging


Colourful and eye-catching, they can easily be found on the shop shelves. Cartons of different styles and shapes with high-end finishing.

FMCG packaging


Printed folding cartons of different shapes and sizes, with perforation enabling easy opening of the carton or a window showing the content of the box.

Our comprehensive offer