Intrograf was established in 1948 as a co-operative. For many years we have put the highest emphasis on developing print technology and educating experts. In 1990 a corporate decision was made to focus on manufacturing folding cartons and leaflets. We entered into business relations with some renowned pharmaceutical enterprises and set off a new development path. Intrograf was transferred into a limited company and as soon as in 2003 into a joint stock company.

The year 2014 constituted a milestone in our development. We have successfully completed erecting our new facilities which meet all European standards. Our new plant is equipped with new printing presses and printing lines. We were the first to install Speedmaster XL in Anicolor technology, which made us pioneers of new print technology.

We have also introduced new operating standards. We have been consistently developing our QMS and hold certificates which prove our continuous involvement in the development and maintain quality at each production stage and our operations. Our customers have been assisting us in this process by setting very high cooperation standards. Since 2000 we have a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 and since 2007 ISO 15378.